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REA working group operate from several years on conservation and protection of wall frescoes, sculptures - both made by stone or plaster, historical facades, decorations, wooden artcrafts as old gates, church furnitures etc.

First approach to the artcraft involve a preliminary study, historical and on the decay cause, followed by an analysis on previous restoration work made on the same object.

Diagnostics allows to understand reasons which led to decay and to avoid to have the same troubles in the future. Moreover it allows to find the right way to operate, since there are no two similar work in restoration, but each work is unique and complex. For this reason, before each work we test several products and we analize, sometimes with chemical and phisical sampling, the results to be sure we are operating in the right way.

At the end of the work we provide photographical documentation, both on paper and on digital support. We are everytime proud to cooperate in letting on the work done, organizing small meeting and showing to interested persons with media support everything. This can be often useful to guarantee a serious work and helps in fund rising too.

Stucco work restoration in Sormani Library, Milano - REA - Restauro e Arte

Stucco work restoration in Sormani Library, Milano

San Felice - Pavia University - REA - Restauro e Arte

San Felice - Pavia University

Carmine Church - Pavia - REA - Restauro e Arte

Carmine Church - Pavia

From the simple facades, stone or brick, as in the old country churches, to complex gables of historic buildings and churches, REA operates restoration, reconstruction and renovation of the exteriors.

As for art restoration, exteriors involve paintings, sculptures and decorations made with various materials, in this case furthermore damaged by a continuous exposure to the elements. 

With a specific skill to work in the restoration of stone facades, as the incredible but fragile San Michele Maggiore in Pavia, REA also works on plaster made facades and act in removal of loose materials like cement on the historic facades, replacing with materials highly breathable, which erase the causes of degradation from rising damp.

Laglio Pyramid on Lake Como - REA - Restauro e Arte

Laglio Pyramid on Lake Como

St. Michele Basilica in Pavia - REA - Restauro e Arte

St. Michele Basilica in Pavia

REA is operating from years in restoration and conservation of art, from project to material work execution.

Thanks to cooperation with architects and researcher, we can provide each step of the global conservation project for a building, art object or archeological site. Diagnostics, stratigraphic studies, historical researches are activities we usually develop for public and private customers, basic points for the execution of a right conservative work. REA can carry out directly some studies while others, the ones which requir specific equipment, are carried out in partneship with research centres and university.

Diagnostic includes thermography, spectrometry, optical microscopy and electronic, chemical and phisical analisys.

A project in the Charterhouse - REA - Restauro e Arte

A project in the Charterhouse

Building conservation in Shanghai - REA - Restauro e Arte

Building conservation in Shanghai

Restoration of the Bell of the Civic Tower - REA - Restauro e Arte

Restoration of the Bell of the Civic Tower

Thanks to his operators creativity and fantasy, REA can operate on unfinished or interrupted decorations as well as on new projects.
We work both for public and private customers, realizing traditional decorative patterns or new innovative projects, using high tech materials.

A huge universe made up of images and colours, spacing from trompe l'oeil in private houses to painted marble in a countryside little church, till painting on big surfaces of a theatre.

Decorations in a historical building - REA - Restauro e Arte

Decorations in a historical building

Fake marbles decoration - REA - Restauro e Arte

Fake marbles decoration