stone restoration

15 December 2020

One of the most important examples of Romanesque architecture in Italy, the Basilica of San Michele Maggiore, in Pavia, is a masterpiece.

Imperial church built in the first decades of the 12th century on a pre-existing Longobard one, the Basilica was the seat of the coronations of the emperors of the Italian Kingdom, in the period in which Pavia was its capital and here, among others, Emperor Frederick Barbarossa was crowned in 1155.

14 October 2019

North of Milan, the city of Desio has been famous cause one of his citizens has been on the past a Pope in Vatican, with the name of Pio XI. To celebrate this event, a bronze statue has been placed on the main square of the city at the end of XIX century.

After many years, the monument was in bad conditions: the bronze had been highly damaged by pollution, in particular by acid rains, and damaged both by the constant presence of birds and vandals, which continuolsy damaged the four water fountains, placed one on each side of the monument.

14 October 2022

It is commonly called "Milano Gate", in Pavia, and it consists of two identical buildings, located on both sides of the road that connects the city to Milan, near the old walls. They are masonry buildings covered in exposed stone with, in the centre, a pedestrian passage, surmounted both at the entrance and at the exit by a stone shelf with the city coat of arms.
On the top of each toll booth there is a stone sculpture, depicting one of the two rivers of Pavia, the Po and the Ticino rivers, personified in a figure of a man in a supine position.

14 November 2017
Saint Michael back to the original color

St Michael Church, Pavia, dated 1130 AD. 

Part of the incredible heritage in the church is a bas relief set above one to the two entrance to the Crypt. It is carved in the local sandstone, the same of facades and interiors. It represents two angels which support a central round frame, inside which it is carved a Lamb, representing Christian Faith (Agnus Dei). The whole scene is inserted into a frame whose section is a “S” with insertion of flower decorations.

8 November 2021

A magical and wonderful place like Villa Litta in Lainate, suburbs of Milan, its gardens and its nymphaeum, requires constant attention and maintenance. Not only because it is an ancient place, with five hundred years of history, but also because the conditions of high humidity, due to the presence of water everywhere, damage works of art and systems that feed them in a very short time.

7 March 2018
Stone, marble and frescoes

At the beginning of February, we have started conservation works at Pavia Duomo, 6 chapels set in the main transect of the church. A patient work will occupy us for several months in order to restore the marble surfaces of chapels, altars, paintings and frescoes on the upper part of chapels.

Pavia Duomo is the third cupola in Italy for dimensions, designed by Bramante, same architect who work in Saint Peter in Rome. We are proud to work in such a prestigious place, with more than 500 years of history. We will update soon to tell the story of our activity here!

8 May 2016

Set in Broni, south of Pavia city, is the Basilica of San Contardo, a huge Church designed by Bramante Architect.

The celebrations the saint, this year, were also a moment to celebrate the restored shrine of the saint.
REA oversaw the restoration of the altar in polychrome marble, a beautiful part of the multidisciplinary team that worked together, under the direction of architect Angela Ferraresi.

22 May 2014
saving the sandstone facade

After the winter break we resumed in these days consolidation of the facade of the basilica of San Michele in Pavia. In the winter we acted to fix with epoxy resin flakes of sandstone that were likely to come loose and fall off during the winter, since the cold weather did not permit the use of consolidant products.