20 September 2014
In Lombardy countryside

In recent days, for professional reasons, we visited the beautiful Villa Litta Carini Orio Litta, a few miles from Lodi, near the river Po. 
Sometimes you travel for many kilometers and ignore places just behind your house: this building, both for the complexity and the majesty of green spaces, left us amazed. 

3 July 2014
Back to old times
We completed the restoration work in the Church of SS. Sacramento to Garlasco, next to Pavia, which began in the fall of last year. For the occasion, a beautiful evening of celebration with the Chorus of Garlasco, punctuated by moments of the history of the Church, which dates back to the first half of the seventeenth century. 
22 May 2014
The old bell back to the city

In recent days we have restored and carried to the Broletto, the old town hall in Pavia, one of the bells of the Civic Tower, which collapsed 25 years ago.

22 May 2014
saving the sandstone facade

After the winter break we resumed in these days consolidation of the facade of the basilica of San Michele in Pavia. In the winter we acted to fix with epoxy resin flakes of sandstone that were likely to come loose and fall off during the winter, since the cold weather did not permit the use of consolidant products.