15 March 2022

The small parish church of Borgo San Felice, a hamlet perched on the top of a hill among Chianti hills, in the municipality of Castelnuovo Berardenga, has an ancient history, and a long period of abandonment in recent history.

14 October 2022

It is commonly called "Milano Gate", in Pavia, and it consists of two identical buildings, located on both sides of the road that connects the city to Milan, near the old walls. They are masonry buildings covered in exposed stone with, in the centre, a pedestrian passage, surmounted both at the entrance and at the exit by a stone shelf with the city coat of arms.
On the top of each toll booth there is a stone sculpture, depicting one of the two rivers of Pavia, the Po and the Ticino rivers, personified in a figure of a man in a supine position.

10 June 2021
Pavia City council
The ancient Mezzabarba palace, a noble eighteenth-century palace, has been the seat of the Municipality of Pavia 
since the unification of Italy, 1861

Built in XVIII century, in the recent years the building had gradually lost its beauty and delicacy due to the 
continuous and, often inopportune, maintenance interventions. Who could have imagined that, under the layers 
of acrylic color and paint, the soft and delicate late Baroque colors that had made this building a jewel in 
the city of Pavia could still be found?
29 June 2017
The beginning of the restoration

One of the most frequently requested services is the execution of stratigraphic surveys on a facade, interior or on a whole building.

3 July 2014
Back to old times
We completed the restoration work in the Church of SS. Sacramento to Garlasco, next to Pavia, which began in the fall of last year. For the occasion, a beautiful evening of celebration with the Chorus of Garlasco, punctuated by moments of the history of the Church, which dates back to the first half of the seventeenth century.