frescoes Restoration

15 March 2022

The small parish church of Borgo San Felice, a hamlet perched on the top of a hill among Chianti hills, in the municipality of Castelnuovo Berardenga, has an ancient history, and a long period of abandonment in recent history.

28 August 2019

The restoration work on the vault of the Church of San Giacomo in Pizzale, Not far from Pavia, has been concluded.

The works, carried out to restore the vaults decorated with frescoes and stucco works by the painter Cesare Secchi to the ancient splendor, involved a general cleaning of all the surfaces and the recovery of some faux marble decorations which were actually hidden. The stuccoes have been consolidated in depth, taken up in the incomplete and pictorially integrated parts.

10 September 2014
hidden decorations back to light

From the first days of August we are working on the historical Collegio Borromeo, located in the center of Pavia, near the Ticino River. Founded in 1561 by San Carlo Borromeo, this building is one of the most impressive buildings of Mannerist period in Lombardy, designed by Pellegrino Tibaldi, described by Vasari "Palace of Wisdom" and quoted from Manzoni's "Promessi Sposi." 

The most interesting room is, without doubt, the hall of the frescoes, painted in 1603, with episodes from the life of St. Charles Borromeo.

3 July 2014
Back to old times
We completed the restoration work in the Church of SS. Sacramento to Garlasco, next to Pavia, which began in the fall of last year. For the occasion, a beautiful evening of celebration with the Chorus of Garlasco, punctuated by moments of the history of the Church, which dates back to the first half of the seventeenth century.