29 June 2017
The beginning of the restoration

One of the most frequently requested services is the execution of stratigraphic surveys on a facade, interior or on a whole building.

This is a simple and inexpensive intervention that we recommend before any type of project that concerns a historic building:
- to understand where to operate safely, for instance where to let cables and wire passing by,
- to understand the value of a property: the discovery of frescoes increases its value,
- to reconstruct the history of a building and to draw a correct project, to understand which were original colours, to respect history of an artfact.

This year we have worked a lot on facades and in interiors, all across Italy.

And as you can easily imagine, we had lots of surprises!

stratigraphic surveys
stratigraphic surveys
survey on the vaults of St Michael Church in Pavia
this is a real surprise!