5 April 2020
After a long restoration work, which lasted almost a year, the "Cortile delle Piogge" comes back to life, 
in the "Nymphaeum" of Villa Litta in Lainate.

This place is an "unicum" in Italy, a "place of delights" from the sixteenth century where, in an artificial 
environment of caves and small underground channels, between frescoes and mosaics, small water games and 
jokes amazed and bathed visitors.

Part of a long restoration, which began twenty years ago and is still in progress,
 the restoration of the "Cortile delle Piogge" involved a complex job for the recovery 
of the floor mosaic, the sixteenth-century frescoes and for the restoration of the water feature.

We began the work removing the whole vegetation which had covered the yard and the green "patina" of musks, due to strong humidity in the area. The wall side frescoes have been consolidated and the original colours cleaned, no riconstruction for the original colours, due to Italian Superintendence rules, just few small spots touched with natural colors, watermarks.

There is an incredible cohesistence here of frescoes, mosaics and sculptures. Linked with water games. So you can easily understand how difficult is the work in such a place and how many different professional have to work at the same time.

After restoration
work in progress
mosaico: work in progress
fresco retouch
work in progress
The entrance of Ninfeo
Cleaning the main corridor
Villa Litta water games - REA - Restauro e Art